Have some time on my hands today. The first of the many weekends that I’d be spending alone in the days to come. Read a really distressing news this morning. Considering it happened someplace near my home at Kolkata, it has been bothering me ever since. More than a feeling of loathing or horror what I felt was disgust at the tarnish that the peopl brought upon themselves. This would be a seemingly middle class colony where people made a hard living. Each family has its own share of laughs, arguments, once in a while quarrels both within and beyond the boundary walls of their modest homes. Yet what brought upon them to harm an entire family without any “damning evidence” of their being directly involved in the murder, besides the fact that the child’s body was found within their premises. No wonder riots still happen in our country.. not because of earth-shattering matters but because the primitive herd mentality of marauding hunters still persists in some corner of our gentle self. On occassions like these hands do not tremble when dousing another person with kerosene and setting them afire. Some people stand and watch while some other try their hands at it. I remember a line mouthed by Konkona Sen Sharma in Mr and Mrs.Iyer “Its so easy to kill a man”.. it is, when you leave you judgement and conditioning behind and let loose your curious monstrous self which never got a taste of the the natural instricts of the bloody past

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