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Compiz Translation Bugs

While searching around for some related stuff, I came across the Bengali India (bn_IN) Translation for compiz. Gave a hurried look through the file and came across some bits and pieces, which imho may need a relook from the translator/reviewer.

Some examples here:

en: “Stick”
bn_IN: “চেটে যাক”
retranslated en: “Let it lick”

en: “Unstick”
bn_IN: “না চাটবে না”
retranslated en: “No, it won’t be licked”

en: “Make Above”
bn_IN: “উপরে আনোন”

en: “Forcing this application to quit will cause you to lose any unsaved changes.”
bn_IN: “এপ্লিকেছন টি যোরকরে বন্ধ করতে হবে আর আপনার সকল unsaved হারাটে হবে |”

etc. etc.

Most of the strings in these files are general terms related to desktop graphics, and can be easily fixed. So if the compiz translators need a hand, then do feel free to holler around here.