This and That

I just discovered this aboslutely wonderrrrful blog from a fellow puneite senthil. After a long time I read all the available past posts in a blog and it was hard to stop myself from laughing out loud. Highly recommended.

A few updates from my side… the hubby has to shift to another city a little further down south for what seems like quite sometime, so my weekend family would probably become a fortnightly family now. Which leaves me with very limited choices of things to do on two saturdays and sundays during the month, besides probably hanging around the office with the other out-of-town guys.

Last month we did an awesome bike-ride down NH-4 uptil Khopoli through Lonavala and it was exhilariting and scary to say the least. 9 people, 5 bikes. Needless to say I was pillion riding coz as it has been noticed I-am-too-tiny-for-even-a-kine. Doh… wish I had skipped properly when mom told me to during my childhood. She also suggested green chillies for height improvement but then there are so many things she suggests. Last one being to stay away from the keyboard and mouse to get rid of the persistent pain in my right wrist. 😀

Watched the Goblet of fire, yuck yuck yuck… a Harry Potter movie without a Quidditch match!!!!!! (Or did the movie theatre people swindle us.. coz it was the last show on saturday night and everyone was tooooo sleepy). Though I really loved the way the Durmstrang team made an entry and am still swooning over Victor Krum. Overall…disappointed.

Two things I have to comment upon:
1. Amitabh Bacchan’s tummy upset. In my extremely humble opinion.. the media ought to be dragged to court for heaping unwanted attention on an overworked sick man. Even if he is a superstar and superadman. Give the man some privacy to clutch his tummy and yell in pain.

2. The lady named Khusboo. God bless her for holding some good sense in that pretty head of hers and it is extremely sick on the part of the media and other members of our moral population to blow her comments way out of proportion. Its about time the court came forward to protect the freedom of speech and dignity of a citizen of the nation from the hands of such shameless abetting of misplaced prudishness and unwanted violence. Accept it people, sex is human nature and it does not tarnish our mortal existence.

Currently reading the “Princess Trilogy” by Jean Sasson. And playing on my laptop: Shyamal Shyamal Baran from Navrang.

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