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If I had the means, at this moment with a really heavy cluebat in hand I would have been looking for the person who was responsible for sending in McCullum to bat along with Gayle in the Superover yesterday and then choosing Mendis to bowl. C’mon guys, I am not so enlightened about the techniques of the game but is’nt it common sense to choose the guy who was batting like a man-possesed until one ball back and was prolly still in the tempo, instead of the Phoren Captain who has consistently been missing his beat. And Ajantha Mendis for the bowling! Waah! I am still wondering, if getting a spinner/slow bowler for the Superover (a potentially more explosive one than the Slog Overs[1]) was the most intelligent of moves, why did Shane Warne himself not come to bowl? Probably its another earth-shaking theory after the multi-captaincy one that only the KKR head honchos have figured out. I hope Sourav Ganguly keeps playing more innings like the one yesterday. He is the icon player and no one can ever replace him from that position for a Kolkata (Knightriders) team.

Meanwhile I completely agree with what GreatBong has to say about the Fake-IPL-Player.

[1] Slog overs : the final 10 overs (particularly the last five) in an ODI match during which batsmen play aggressively scoring at a very high rate. (from here)