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If I was shocked yesterday…I was awed today. I caught a rerun of “Joe Millionaire” (how do i manage to bang into the most preposterous shows!!!!). This show seemed to be of the same genre as Tempation Island, garbed in better clothes and set in lavish chateaux. A construction worker named Evan (with a rich baritone and the body of Adonis) has been groomed as an imaginary heir to a fortune of $50 million. Now begins the search for a suitable companion for him. Around 20 women are chosen to spend time with him to find the “fortunate finalist”. he takes each of them on to individual dates and at the end of each “round” presents a pendant to the women who move on to the next round. another set of dates follow and another set of pendants are handed out. At the end of today’s show there are 3 women left in the run. The sneak preview of the next episode promises some hot and steamy interactions.
The women who are being fooled all this while seem to be professionally qualified, mature working women mostly in their 20s. It can be assumed that they are capable of intelligent thinking. So if they want to start a relationship they would try to find it around themselves rather than join a television show where they will be monitored. They’ll have to compete against each other to grab attention from a man with whom they’d like to spend some significant part of their life or maybe even marriage. Perhaps the relationship part is an eyewash and its only the money that matters. What when they learn that they had actually been trying to fall in love with an imposter? Will true love triumph over currency notes?
The love that the lady would have developed was for a sophisticated and rich Evan not an everyday man of the streets. Would this pretension lead to anything but high TRPs, heartbreaks and emotional disasters? Television shows seem to have stooped to such levels that they can tamper with basic human emotions and feelings without blinking an eyelid. Also kudos to the women….who have made themselves vulnerable by agreeing to be part of this farce…whether they did it knowingly or unknowingly is unimportant. Their self-respect should have been enough to stop them from going into such a husband-hunting trip. Their love is not worth $50 million dollars. The right man would treasure it more than all the jewels on this earth.

let me take the liberty of saying that the media in our country, especially the television media has gone absolutely hopping mad. just this morning there was a report of a partially mutilated unidentified body being discovered in a box by the roadside (sic!). ok…u had to report this…go ahead… but why show the gruesome sight without any warnings. these days in most homes children are perched infront of the TV at all hours and they should not be exposed to such uncensored visuals. leave alone children even adults feel disturbed. even a few years back television news items were heavily monitored. but now as the number of channels is increasing by leaps and bounds, the players are becoming more desperate to grab attention. in their effort to surge ahead in the competition one channel is trying to create more sensation than the others. what is disturbing is that the medium is an unmonitored and easily accessible one. and displaying violence and terrifying sights like charred bodies/accident victims/mutilated corpses is extremely disturbing. the viewers are left with haunting pictures. also the dead deserve some amount of respect and peace. the bodies are depicted in gruesome details. for Gods sake!… these were people..with homes, families, lives. not just numbers or news. why cant the dead be shown respect and left alone? as it is they would not have made it to the news @ 9 if they had died a normal death. so why dig up the ghosts and chase them even after their death? isnt the media responsible in anyway to guide the soceity in the treatment of its members…in life or death?