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Fedora Translation – update about the translation credit loss problem

Looks like the problem related to the loss of translation credits in Fedora translations via Transifex.net has been resolved (as announced by diegobz).

The translators’ names are now kept/written in the PO files headers. It might take a while (hours) for all resources to be affected.

However, just to be sure it may be better to do a few trial runs first before restarting full fledged commits. 🙂

Along with that, .POT files have also been returned:

Users can now download POT file for PO based resources

(They may need locating though, could not find them yet One can get them as the ‘original .pot’ from the same dialog that is displayed when the language name/module is clicked on for online translation or download.)

More information about these may be coming in via the trac tickets: [1 ] [2]

That was total yayness! from the Transifex team. Thank you!