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GNUnify 08, LC-India BoF etc.

Albeit late entry about the event that was held at SCISR (Pune) last weekend – GNUnify 08. Besides the fact that the chirpy volunteers always make me wish that I was back in college and part of such a nice event, it was a nice occassion to meet up with friends, talk about stuff and generally have a good time. This year, I had a talk+BOF on behalf for LinuxChix – India. I started off with a general introduction about the group and then we moved onto the proposed agenda for the BoF. After the CityMeet last month, this was another nice brainstorming session. The session notes are up here, with a huge list of To-Dos that can be taken up during the year. Some of the tasks would be done locally, but overall the ideas are easily reproducable elsewhere too. Perhaps, the gang in Pune could lead the way. 🙂

Another fun bit was the proposal to have the group’s presence at various social networking sites. Barkha also seems to have received the same request at another event, where she was talking the very next day. Well, if the not-so-traditional forums help us take forward the idea amongst the youngsters, then it sounds like a pretty much fun idea.

A few of the *tireless* volunteers:

Even Karunakar turned up with the LC tee to show support. Really, sweet of him. He has been helping us all in the indic l10n community for a long time now and is a wonderful mentor. 🙂

And Barkha, real sweetheart, brought us lovely home-cooked-her-mummy-made-yummy-stuff..

..travelling 10 hours on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Ankita’s talk is up next at TechKriti – IIT Kanpur.