The comment box does not allow >1000 characters, hence answering here for you salty.

Well.. although I have never beaten up anyone, but there have been moments which have pained me so bad that I have felt the urge to retaliate. Imagine a riot-like situation.. many of the victims hit back to save themselves or in an uncontrolled frenzy (situation-based as you mentioned) and in the process become second-level perpetrators. But in this case, I doubt if every person in this 2000 strong mob had been equally pained by the victim’s plight. Although the other family have now confessed abt the deranged lady and her crime it fails to justify how the other remotely connected ppl felt the need to hurt her. Know what salty, there are lots of ppl i have seen in cal, who are ill-educated or unemployed and are generally leading a very messy life and show no craving or inclination to uplift themselves from the doldrums. They wallow in their defeat as they can point at a million other things to blame for their misfortune. These ppl often find misdirected avenues to assert their supposed strength to feel superior..whether its by whistling at innocent girls on the roadside or bullying a poor vegetable vendor in the marketplace. These ppl in most cases make up for sizeable portions of such crowds that gather on occassions like the one mentioned.

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