Gnome Documentation – Terminology Recommendation Announcement

Shaun McCance has sent in an announcement about the Terminology revamping project that is being undertaken for Gnome Documentation styleguide. Everyday a term (or a group of related terms) would be sent to the gnome-docs list for discussion. Once a consesus is reached on the terms, the Completed List would be created. Eventually, the list would also contain language recommendations for both Gnome Documentation and User Interfaces.

A rough list of the terms is can be found here. This list has been collated from various documents.

<quote from Shaun’s mail>

For the curious, my plan is to change the GNOME Documentation Style Guide to something more like the GNOME Manual of Style. That is, it will contain language recommendations for both documentation and user interfaces. There may be sections that deal specifically with documentation, if needed, but the core of the document will not be documentation-specific.


Sounds like a great idea, towards standardizing the terminology base.

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