A piece of news in the paper today, that upset me a lot.

A heart-wrenching scene played out on the tarmac of Mumbai airport on Saturday morning, where an offloaded passenger was seen crying with folded hands, pleading in vain to the commander seated in the cockpit, who refused to take him onboard.

“There definitely was an emergency in his situation. Probably, he cannot afford another air ticket. Or it could have to do with the strict service conditions in the Middle-East, wherein he stands to lose his job if he fails to report on a particular day. Or maybe, his visa was to expire. Whatever the reason be, I have never seen someone cry and plead like this,” the source added.

It is the sense of sheer desperation and helplessness, when a person loses all control and the walls close in.

ps. I don’t know who was at fault and who was to blame.

5 thoughts on “Desperation

    1. runa

      Re: Sad

      The online version has some missing bits that were in the paper. It said that the commander has to calculate the loaded weight of the aircraft and report to the ATC to get permission about the taxing speed and other f00. Due to the inclusion of one extra passenger he would have been required to do the calculation all over again.

      1. pooja

        Re: Sad

        Thank you for filling me in on that. That would justify somethings. It would have delayed the whole flight and depending on the airport regulations it could have pushed the take off for hours.

      2. Anonymous

        Re: Sad

        yup. however, the missing part also said that the commanders do not mind delaying when flights are bound for US or any EU destination.

  1. Anonymous

    This is very sad

    My heart goes out to the passenger. I hope whatever emergency he was facing has been resolved and he is safely at his destination.



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