is back!!!!

Lets roll the drums and hoot the trumpets, for has risen again. After a period of stalemate the folks are back with a new and spiffy look. The current homepage is a wiki that is still under development (but then wikis are supposed to be that). This time a bengali version of the page is also being developed. Besides the mandatory information about mailing-lists, irc channels, meetings etc. a resource pool going to be collated as well. Currently, Bengali Tutorials by kushal are the superc00l stuff around.
List of experts/speakers is being built up too and a link to the One command A Day from Durgapur LUG has been put in (courtsey aforementioned Kushal).

The ilug-cal LOGO desgining contest has been thrown open as well. Winner prolly gets the biggest r0ck around.

The wiki needs more love and so might be great to look around for ideas.

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