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I finally started my bengali blog. আরশির ওপারে… The other side of the mirror. This space will be for sharing some বাঙালিয়ানা as well as simple bengali recipes for expats like me. My mum specialised in what she called shortcut-রান্না. And thats come in very handy for me now.
The TV is playing the Miss India Contest. There’s nothing better to watch. Wierd thing I noticed is that for all the contestants, the hometown has been marked as Mumbai or Delhi although the voiceover says Pune, Chandigarh etc. Prolly their database has rounded it off to the nearest big metro. The host for the evening is Sajid Khan, so best of luck girls..enjoy your slow death by boredom.

And oh goodness!! Adnan Sami is a judge and look at him!!! He has prolly off-loaded like 100 kgs.

Nothing much to report besides the fact that finally my widescreen Dell D620 has the got the perfect wide-screen resolution and that this place is sizzling at 37 degress Centigrade.
Just noticed that I was composing this post in Rich Text with HTML tags. messed up things a bit.

5 thoughts on “Bengali Blog

  1. Anonymous

    Completely irrelevant comment … but you might find interesting

    Sorry for contacting you here … I didn’t find your email address …

    Since you write in Bangla unicode, would you be interested to write on West Bengal/India related topics/articles in the Bangla Wikipedia?

    Typing is easy as all edit boxes have integrated phonetic Bangla typing (just tick the check box).

    We need many editors from West Bengal as currently only one and two are writing regularly, and hence India/WB related articles are somewhat neglected. We have 15,400 entries, and are planning a CD release by the end of the year.

    তাই চলে আসুন, কোনো সাহায্য লাগলে আমার আলাপ পাতায় মেসেজ রাখুন

    আর এখানে একটা সংক্ষিপ্ত টিউটোরিয়াল পাবেন –





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