When thoughts run faster than words, you get typos. Which I seem to be making a lot these days.

Well the fight is over at Lahore and Rawalpindi awaits. Team India lost but the spirit is undying. Unlike the earlier teams this new team does not look beaten and lost when a defeat is imminent. Rather they accept it as steeled professionals, learning from the mistakes and ready for the next challenge. Heads dont hang in shame, rather the eagerness and enthusism shines through the faces.

The new team is different from the others on one more count. Probably, half of the side are lefties, either on-field or off. And the trend seems to be gaining ground among the general public as well. We seem to come across more and more left-handed people. In India left-handed people were considered an aberration and hence if any trace of such tendencies were found in a child, (s)he would be severely punished. People forced the children to use the right-hand as their primary hand to beat the taboo. Violent measures like the left-hand being tied up so that the child would be compelled to use the other hand, were undertaken without hesitation. Needless to say, the children grew up with a discomfort that was a part of their everyday life. Besides the superficial difficulty, the forced change also took a toll on their mental health. According to science books, the selection of the primary hand is determined by the functioning of a certain area of the brain and when an external change is imposed, another part of the brain is overtaxed to meet the demand. Hence there is an imbalance in the internal functioning.

In the present day, people are waking up to the scientific implications. The taboos and devilish trappings long associated with this fact are being purged. more and more children are being allowed to grow up according to their genetic build up. Needless to say, this is perhaps true for only a certain section of the population, but all the same it is a sure start.

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