Since the last few days, a little girl named sundari has been hogging some amount of print space. A little angel, she had been abandoned in a garbage dump just after birth four months ago, one cold winter night. Some passing policemen found her and since then she had been cared for the staff in a city hospital. Now, she has found a home. After a complicated legal tussle she has been adopted by a lady named Tandra Guha. Ms.Guha, in her forties, has suffered twin tragedies in her life. Her husband and teenaged son passed away three years ago in quick succession. After, learning about sundari, she made an effort to adopt the child, in the hope of giving her a home and to start life anew with a purpose. Hats off to you lady.

After reading about this incident, the first thing that struck me was that when the child had been left by the streetside, it was january. i remember that the winter this year was indecently harsh. the north winds had people shivering in their socks and schools had to extend their winter holidays as it was too cold for children to attend. In such conditions, someone dumped a little baby, hardly 2 days old in an open garbage dump!!! And she is not the first. There have been many before her. In one such case, some dogs in the neighbourhood found the baby and kept vigilance throughout the night over him (i faintly remember it was a “him”).

What makes people abandon children by the roadside, in dumpsters and leave them to die? Maybe unwanted or illegitimate pregnancies. insufficient financial strength. or perhaps they fancy a child of a different sex or skin tone. Whatever be the reasons, a woman goes through nine months of experiencing a life forming inside her only to throw the tiny creature at the mercy of nature. It is understandable when rape victims are burdened with a child, who would inevitably make the mother relive the trauma, but that hardly justifies such apathy.

Children come to this world for no reason of their own. Some are pampered, some are hated and some are treated no better than a new piece of furniture. The bottomline is that they have no choice. But they do not deserve such murderers for parents.

There are innumerable organisations who are willing to take in abandoned or orphaned children to find foster homes for them. And there are innumerable childless or willing people to take them in. Ex-Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is one such lady who kept her word and adopted a little girl. She is still unmarried yet her sincerity and commitment towards her daughter is there for everyone to see.

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