Planet FLOSS India – 10th anniversary

Its been 10 years since Planet Floss India (PFI) was started by Sayamindu and Sankarshan.

Over the years, many people have been syndicated on this planet and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading about their journey from being individuals enthusiastic about a project to growing as successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and mature contributors with ideas that define much of what the Indian FLOSS-world stands for today.

We wanted to celebrate this occasion with what PFI best stands for – blog posts. We would be super happy if anytime during the next few weeks you could write a post on your syndicated blog about being part of PFI all these years and how you would like to see the project evolve.

Do let us know if your blog has moved and we shall make the changes to get you back on the planet. Thanks for your support and do keep writing.

(Writing on behalf of the PFI team)

PFI is open for syndication all-year-round. So let us know if you would like your blog to be added to the planet.

1 thought on “Planet FLOSS India – 10th anniversary

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