Akademy 2012

Akademy – the annual summit of the KDE community is happening at Tallinn, Estonia this year.  It’ll be the first time I’ll be attending this conference. The schedule for this 7 day summit has talks, sessions and workshops and what I am guessing will be a lot of exciting interactions. I’ll be presenting as well and my talk is about ‘Localizing Software for Multicultural Environment‘. Its on the 1st of July and if you are a translator, write documents, develop software, use localized environments and are also attending Akademy, do please try to head to Room 1 that day. I am planning to have this session as a comparitive study session in most parts, with me presenting about localization in a multi-cultural environment and gathering the perspective from non-multi-cultural translation groups. The talk transcript will be available here on my blog right after the talk. However, if there are any questions that you’d like me to address during the talk, please do let me know over email or through the comments.

Thanks to the the Akademy team for the invitation and sponsorship. Looks like these would be days very well spent.

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