Bas itni si, tum se guzaarish hai…Yeh jo baarish hai…Iss mein teri baahon mein marr jaaun…Bas itni si, chhoti si ik khwaish hai…Yeh jo baarish hai, dekho naa…Iss mein mere sang gunguna naa…Kal radio pe aaya tha jo wohi wala gana…Gaate gaate baahon mein marr jaana…

Listen to this beautiful song

I also found a wonderful review of the soundtrack and putting up the relevant part here.

The singers own this soundtrack. This is really crooning of the finest kind, with ample attention paid to feel and phrasing. In the title track, Bas itni si is rendered as Bas itniiiiii si. The words tell us that the singer has the tiniest of requests, to die in his beloved’s arms, which, upon reflection, is not really a tiny request at all – and the elongation of itni hints at the eventual magnification of this request. In Tera zikr, which exudes an incense-shrouded air of spirituality, the singer lingers a few extra seconds on ki in the phrase paagal ki tarah, and you catch a glimpse of his pained madness. In Saiba, the female voice slips in like a sigh at the end of a robust male chorus, and the parsing of paala saalon se leaves you in little doubt about the fervency of her heartache. In Jaane kiske khwab, whose opening lines come closest to pure recitative, note the smallest of pauses between jaagti and aankhon mein bhi, or in Keh na sakun, consider the indulgent wallowing in seh na sakoon main. We form a unique relationship with music when we listen to it, like how we form pictures in our heads when we read.

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