This and That

There is this rather comical scene in the film ‘Honeymoon Travel’s Pvt. Ltd’, where Boman Irani playing a Goan character asks the rather prudish Bengali character of Kaykay Menon – ‘When you wake up in the morning, don’t you get the feeling that the world is a very bad place and everything is wrong with it?’ Much to the amusement of the company around, Kaykay readily agrees and his eyes brighten up that his inner thoughts which until that day were just his, were recognised by another person of the human clan. Well, make what of it, with each passing day I get the feeling that this is probably a natural trend in a lot of us Bengalis – to ponder and analyse things at such lengths that we can perceive the otherwise unseen ‘what ifs’ about what we see around us, yet eventually it ruins our approach to simple living.

Last evening I was watching this film called ‘Paa’ on television. Although I missed the first hour or so, the remaining bit was an interesting watch for most parts. However, I am really tired of this incessant trend in any kind of cinema to perpetrate the ‘fact’ that all estranged relationships have to be fixed with marriage by the end of the running time of the movie. The character of the ‘Maa’ is a self-reliant and successful doctor (and given the house/car etc. shown, its obvious that she is doing well for herself), who has evidently moved on in life. The entire part about getting the ‘Paa’ and ‘Maa’ together, and these two folks giving in despite the natural rift caused by time and distance is imho – extremely contrived and a misrepresentation of how relationships ‘work’ in the real world.

Thanks to, these days I often browse through an actually enjoy reading the poetry/songs of Tagore. Till date I have been considered a black sheep in the family for my strong aversion to any kind of verse and even now it beats me why I suddenly changed tracks. Maybe its temporary, but then I am enjoying it while it lasts. I came across the following from the ‘Prem Parba’ in Gitabitan (verse #149):

তবে শেষ করে দাও শেষ গান, তার পরে যাই চলে
তুমি ভুলে যেয়ো এ রজনী, আজ রজনী ভোর হলে॥
বাহুডোরে বাঁধি কারে, স্বপ্ন কভু বাঁধা পড়ে?
বক্ষে শুধু বাজে ব্যথা, আঁখি ভাসে জলে॥

Note: Apologies, but I could not find the english translation for this. I’ll update the post later if I can find one.

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