Day 2

Probably the first thing that one sees in Brisbane is that its green all around. Clear blue skies with tufts of clouds. We walked through the beautiful terminal and joined the long queue at the immigration counter. There were rows of officers seated at the counters and we handed our declaration forms to them. I was marked to go to Quarantine as I was carrying some items which need inspection. I collected my luggage and joined another long serpentine queue to head towards the quarantine section.

The officer waved me on to approach her counter. She asked me about the items that I had declared about and ran and X-ray on them. She was pretty satisfied. When I asked her if need to dispose off the opened packet of Haribos from Dubai, she told me that it was not necessary and would be such a waste to it. 🙂

We came out and decided to hang around and grab something to eat. We selected a very inviting cafe+bakery counter. I got a small coffee and a jumbo muffin as part of a coffee+muffin deal (yep coffee *sigh*. I can hear some people guffawing after reading this part; whattodo). Parag and I went to check the printed maps and brochures and collected some of them. Next, we hired an orange coloured “yellow taxi” to take us to the hotel. The young Punjabi driver chatted with us all through the journey. The roads are beautiful and there are lots of inclines. We crossed the showrooms for Porshe, Audi,Volkswagon and some equally eye-catching automobiles zoomed past.

We reached the hotel to find the main doors locked and the office closed. We called up the contact person and very soon the elderly gentleman named Max came by to let us in. He gave us our room keys first and then took out a map of the city to show us where we were and the directions to some the important places. He insisted on taking my bag and no amount of pleading worked. He showed me my room first and then promised to return after taking the others to theirs. Later he came by again and showed me the gadgets and other stuff in the room that I could use during my stay.

I have seen that the amount of light during the day is what determines my sleep cycles and I often have problems adjusting during summers and winters. Thankfully (and probably) due to this and by sleeping on the plane my body adjusted quickly to the new timezone. The others were not so lucky. We all met again in the evening. Most of the shops were closed and the roads were pretty lonely. I had somehow misunderstood our meeting place before going to dinner and managed to come out onto the street alone. There was not another person in sight and it looked like a curfew was on at 7:30 in the evening. Pretty scary. I walked back in and found the guys at the other entrance. Later we took a walk and went out to dinner at a nearby deli. Tomorrow is going to be eventful and I need to get some sleep before that.

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