Eight annas….

Looks like the Unicode Chart for Bengali does not contain the symbol for Bengali 8 annas (half a rupee).

The following 3 in this particular series for currency calculation are however available:

4 anna (quarter rupee) = U09F7 (Described as “BENGALI CURRENCY NUMERATOR FOUR”)
12 anna (three quarter of a rupee) = U09F8 (Described as “BENGALI CURRENCY NUMERATOR ONE LESS THAN THE DENOMINATOR”)
16 anna (one rupee) = U09F9 (Described as “BENGALI CURRENCY DENOMINATOR”)

Could someone perhaps please validate if this is indeed the case.

4 thoughts on “Eight annas….

  1. kingsly

    what exactly are these used for?

    I thought Annas is just in colloquial usage. Since the term isn’t exactly compatible with the decimal system.( 8 annas would actually be 32paise.)

    1. runa

      These are currency values used earlier. Some of them have been mapped to the modern system for colloqial usage, e.g 4 anna (quarter rupee) is also used to represent 25 paisas. The issue here is the symbols that were used for the currency marks in old books and documents. Besides the actual money denominations, in some cases even page numbers for the Introductory sections of a book (e.g Preface etc.) use these symbols, like the way roman numerals are used in some English books.


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