just before diwali, lots of shops had put up special decorations to attract customers. One such shop was a children’s apparel store which had engaged a huge bugs-bunny to lure in the children. Every evening on my way back home i used to look out for him, hopping and skipping on the road wagging his cute little bushy tail. waiting at the busy intersection i wondered what the guy inside the bunny-suit must be thinking…maybe something like “i hope i make it in time to get the last bus home”, “jesus..someone gimme a regular job..am 30 for crying out loud” or “i ought to get a picture taken in this suit” or maybe something else altogether.

i was trying to remember the last time i wrote something down on a piece of paper…perhaps last week..when i signed a cheque.
can’t remember if i did anything besides signing credit card receipts and cheques over the past two months. and the blog is in a disgraceful state .. there was a time when i had a million things buzzing in my head that needed to be “blogged”..right from the morning cup of tea to the blood-curdling cries of people on their way to the crematorium in the middle of the night. those were times i wondered if people had lost sense of respect the dead deserved, but then someone said..its only to keep away their fears. fear of what? the unknown..perhaps.

over these past 5 months i have come to like pune. if men here were to wear hats..i am sure they would tip it while crossing a lady on the street. perhaps there is hardly a city in this country where the rickshaw driver would politely thank you after you pay him the fare. they make airhostesses look fake beyond repair. this week am shifting home (thats makes the two of us saltywater..so a lot of work pending on that front..can’t imagine the amount of junk i managed to pile up in such a short time.

hope you guys are keeping well..soumyadeep..its abt time u started your own blog…

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