Miss Jasmeet Walia could not have arrived at a better time. When people all around are teething under the pressure of recession in the job world Jassi’s story comes as a whiff of fresh air. For a change we see a very simple girl (with whom most people can identify) cutting a niche for herself. She is amply qualified like most educated Indian urbanites and had been struggling to find a job. whatever be her reasons for rejection, it reflects the current scenario where job applications are never answered and appointments seem to elude the eye. Viewers seem to be living her experiences at the workplace, new friendships and the success. On the one hand the story has a feel-good image about it and seems to provide a drive to other people like her who have faced rejection/dejection to gather themselves up and to think positive. but on the other hand is the real-world where such miraculous success stories are hard to come by.
even jassi’s family is like any other middle class family who have spared no expense to give their children a decent education. and it is generally expected that after completion of their education the children will contribute to the family booty. but unfortunately jobs are hard to come by and as a result many of the younger generation have to sit at home and nurse a guilty conscience. pressure from home or not…this generation has been brought up with the idea that education is to be utilised. And a job means finding self-respect and individual worth rather than only financial independence.
jassi is an identifiable character and so is her family. Perhaps people are finding some parts of their own life being narrated onscreen. But instead of providing just entertainment at the end of the day it instigates hope and faith in oneself.

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