14 thoughts on “What did I miss here?

  1. nicu

    Back before Fedora, in the RHL times, during install Anaconda used to show you some funny slides to make the time pass easier… and the hot dog was there.

    Now when someone makes a derivative distro from Fedora, he is not allowed to use our marks, so has to use some default/non-branded graphics instead… what do you think those graphics are? yup, the hot dog!

    There may be more, this is what I know… but is silly and that makes it kind of fun.

  2. Paul W. Frields

    There’s also a deeper derivation of the HHD. There’s a famous old short film (about 30-60 seconds long) that was shown before feature films in the 1950’s. It encouraged people to buy a snack to enjoy during the movie. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfDXlgmKFyU)

    Notice the smiling faces of the snacks — the Happy Hot Dog is modeled after this old iconography, and in fact the old RHL Anaconda screens actually said “Let’s all go the kitchen… and get ourselves a snack!”.

    The hot dog silently disappeared from RHL Anaconda’s beta screens, I believe before Fedora Core 0.x were released but I honestly don’t recall. Occasionally over the years I’ve seen people (not many, but a few) ask where the HHD went, and if these screens might reappear one day.

  3. runa Post author

    Ok.. so now I know what Happy Hot Dog is and that explains the eatable in the Beefy Miracle logo…but I still don’t understand the connection. :((

    1. runa Post author

      So… has HHD been ‘renamed’ as ‘Beefy Miracle’? Please excuse my lameness here… I think I missed a good bit of relevent conversations.

      1. nicu

        I am neither from the USA and miss many references from the American culture… I *think* the ‘Beefy Miracle’ is a funny nick name intended to say Fedora is awsome, a miracle.

      2. runa Post author

        hmmn. Thats what I am wondering.. whats the cultural reference for the name. I have never heard it here in India.. not even on any American shows or in conversations.

      3. nicu

        but you know the cultural reference about americans supposed to be fat (obese?) for eating too much hamburgers and hot dogs ๐Ÿ˜€

      4. runa Post author

        That sadly doesn’t seem to be restricted to the USA any more. I suspect there are more junkfood franchisees here in India than they are in their home countries. We are catching up fast. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Paul W. Frields

    “Beefy” is just a description because beef is a major component of some hot dogs. (Some are made with poultry, but “real” premium hot dogs, if there is such a thing, are made with 100% beef.)

    Miracle is supposed to be a joke about the godlike powers of the hot dog character. It’s ironic because he character is a silly cartoon, and not pretentious looking at all. Yet he apparently controls the booting processes of millions of Fedora boxes everywhere! And he has the power to make you smile which is really nothing to sniff at these days. ๐Ÿ™‚


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