Fedora Activity Day – Pune, May 2010

A quick update about the Fedora Activity Day (aka FAD) that happened last weekend here at the Red Hat office in Pune. Earlier, Rahul had posted a call for volunteers on the Fedora-India mailing list, to create the Gnote help documentation in Mallard format. It looked like an easy-peasy thing I could help out with. The result is here and a bug filed too. Unfortunately, due to some other pressing work I could not stay for more than a few hours and that too only on the 2nd day. Nearly everyone has sent in a FAD report and it looks like a lot of work was completed. Needless to say, along with some fun in the process. It was nice to match so many faces to the IRC nicks. Looking forward to the next FAD.

p.s. Pjp was taking random pictures from my camera and captured a couple of shots. People may just be able to spot the back of their heads.

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