New meme – Best photo of 2009

In response to the new meme started by the ever enthusiastic* Kushal, here is my personal favourite from 2009:

It was taken at the Tugun beach in Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. The sun was very bright and makes it overexposed. It was later that I noticed Parag’s shadow on the sand and even later, that the horizon is inclined. Beaches are amongst my most favourite places, especially for the wide open expanse of the sea and the solitude. It all comes together in this picture.

* this is a new meme that has started abruptly through twitter/IRC, post this tweet from Kushal.

4 thoughts on “New meme – Best photo of 2009

  1. Nicu

    Is not overexposed because the sun was too bright but because your aperture was too open or/and the shutter speed too slow.

    The inclined horizon is not a big problem, you can rotate the photo just a bit with GIMP and make it horizontal, a bigger problem (but not that big, is easy to cut a photo) is the framing: you have the horizon line at the middle, not on one third, resulting in a large area with empty, uninteresting sky.

    1. runa Post author

      This was a point and click and i simply did not see anything on the screen when i was clicking. The only thing I am paranoid about while composing a picture is to avoid the horizon in the middle and thats the really bad part here. However, I seriously can’t figure out why its inclined. Especially since the shadow does not seem to show a diagonal position.

      1. Nicu

        I also get the horizon inclined quite a lot, you have to take extra-care to get it right: use the top or bottom margins of the LCD as guidelines (or does the LCD have some guides on it?)
        Do not judge by the shadow, it was expected to be perfectly vertical? This happen only if the camera, subject and sun are all on the same line.

        Next time look at the screen and adjust exposure compensation if needed 😀

        And don’t be afraid to edit a photo which you like but feel is not perfect.

      2. runa Post author

        Heh! Editing is scary and try avoiding it all the time. The exposure settings were probably borked from the earlier night. Anyways, its the frame of my mind at that point of time, that makes the picture something I can relate to. 🙂

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