[Warning: Long post and very little work related observations.]

First up, wishing everyone a New Year filled with lots of hope, happiness and peace of mind.

The year 2009 had started like any other groggy winter morning. The earlier evening a few of us had walked down amidst the heavy traffic to Koregaon Park after work, in search of a place to eat out. After being turned down from a few of the shiny places, we found one small little neat place to perch ourselves, with Chinese food, conversation and chaos outside on the streets. I haven’t been blogging much during the year, but there have been many occasions which perhaps I would have liked to document. I picked up a few and just to make it a little fun, added a few pictures. Here goes.

Thanks to Ramky, a few weeks into the New Year we landed at Goa for a long weekend. The cottage was right next to the beach at Calangute and we even found a beach shack nearby, where we headed each morning for breakfast. After endless seafood, sunsets and aimless walking around, on the last day we simply sat around and lazed in the shade of the shack. This little sail boat passed us by a couple of times.

There were quite a few ‘firsts’ for me this year. I traveled on the longest flight of my life (~16 hours) and found myself in another country. Australia. The skies were the brighest shade of blue that I had seen in a long time. I returned with a first hand view of an alternative way the machinery of daily life goes on. Also, I got to meet many wonderful people whom I have known for a long time now. The picture here has been taken from the Kurilpa Bridge on the Brisbane River and on the left are the skyscrapers of the Central Business District of Brisbane.

During the annual Autumn festival of Durga Puja, we visited the family home in Guwahati and the place which was my first home, Shillong. It was an potpourri of varied emotions ranging from ecstasy to dejection. Its all here. However, I am sure about one thing now: there are many places where I can trace my roots to, but none of them can ever be called a hometown.

Our home-base Pune is not very far away from Aurangabad, which is the gateway to the World Herigate Sites of Ellora and Ajanta caves. Due to general laziness, lack of time, and other blah blah excuses we never got around to visit them. Enter Piyush Yaduvanshi – master travel planner. A weekend plan was put together and off we went in a shiny black car, driving through lush green open spaces dotted with sunflower fields and windmills. At some places, the monsoon beat down at us. First stop was Ellora and the majestic Kailash temple (picture on the left), carved out from a single rock. It is hard to even imagine how this structure was slowly etched out by 6 generation of artisans. Most of the caves in Ajanta were adorned with murals, resplendent with the bright colours that were inked in 2000 years ago (picture on the right). The others have sculptures cut out of the rock.. notable among them is of the Buddha in a sleeping posture.

Sometime during the year, cia.vc said that I had made 2000 commits. yay!

After ages of procrastination, I got myself a new bicycle this year. Along with it came two trainers (pictures above). I am yet to muster enough courage to venture out into main street traffic, but every time I cycle around by myself I can hear two voices in my head egging me on. Whats more, I earned two wonderful friends in the process.

The year is dotted with the many things that kept happening during each of the 365 days. The maniacal work days, finding new craziness for the weekends, late night adventures with cupboards and racks stuck in stairwells (a story for some other time), insightful chats over cups of tea, experiments with food, serious battles over IPL loyalty, new furniture, OS releases, first day shows at movies, et al. Amidst everything its the wonderful people around who keep us grounded, an alternate family bonded by our own making and miles away from home.

Well, thats how 2009 ended for me.

As I sign off this post, the 2nd day of 2010 has already begun. Another cycle of endless opportunities and to-do lists begin. The wishes have been passed around and received, now for the serious work to bring home the bacon. (Like the guy in this picture; clicky here for the details.) And amidst it all there are the many demons to slay and choices to make. Sometimes its a choice between insanity and evanescence.

4 thoughts on “2010

  1. Kingsly

    However, I am sure about one thing now: there are many places where I can trace my roots to, but none of them can ever be called a hometown.

    Have you seen “The Man from Earth” ?

    1. runa Post author

      No I haven’t. Just read the synopsis, seems to be an interesting watch. Would like to know the connection that you suggest here.

      1. Kingsly

        He explains why we can never go back “home” because they changed in our absence very much along the lines of your lost cities post.

      2. runa Post author

        yeah well… i guess that’s one inevitable fact that no one really hopes would be true. Yet, we can’t resist ourselves from going back to have the hope shattered. 😦

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