Random weekday >20 years back:

Hear a faint yell in my sleep. One parent takes away the quilt and wakes me up. Run to the top of the stairs to soak in a little sun. Shower and put on the school uniform. Butter+Rice stuffed amidst massive confusion. Satchel on, walk to school with daddy (going further on to work). Study study. At lunch time, flip open the lunch box to dig into the goodies mommy packed in…play…study study. School over, look for mommy and then walk back home. Another round of yells and food stuffed in. Get dressed and off to play outside. Spot daddy returning and skip back home. Do homework. Read a story book while listening to songs and news on AIR Shillong. Dinner. Off to bed. Depending upon the weather, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice would fit in somewhere during the day. If it was vacation time, then add dolls, visits to mamabari (maternal uncle’s home), music from the record player (mostly bengali children’s song by Antara Choudhury) and arithmetic homework from dad.

Random weekday now:

Drag myself out from bed after turning off the alarm atleast twice. Check around the house a bit, and attend to the maid. Rush through shower. Make breakfast and pack lunch boxes. Go to work. Work+work+meet folks around+endless cups of green tea. Sometime in between stuff in the lunch. Work+work+other randomness. Return home… kick off shoes and get busy with dinner. Dinner done, finish pending work, study, read a bit and off to bed after calling daddy. Again, depending upon the situation, there could be additional time spent with a bunch of files that read ‘tax’ ‘investment’ etc.

There are days when I am sick, and bushed and am really tired of being a grown up and just want to go back to the old times, when you could just cry and go to mummy and daddy to make things alright. I was trying to put together the daily routine of various kinds of random days from my childhood and now. Eventually I ended up with only a weekday and just felt happy reading this well written post by Chandni.

This is just a random little post, does’nt mean much except that I needed to rant a bit. The more time you spend on this earth things just keep getting complicated, and the safe havens start vanishing faster. As a young aunt of mine says… the number of older folks who cherish and care for us is coming down (আমাদের আদর করার লোক কমে যাচ্ছে রে).

This a picture of ক্ষীরের সন্দেশ (Khirer sandesh) made by my aunt when we visited the family home in guwahati. This used to be made regularly at home earlier (a very complicated and time consuming process), but this time it was probably the first time in 3 years that I got to taste some.

2 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Rash

    Thanks for visiting my blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have found yours! Butter+rice brought back such memories. Staple bong kid pre-school breakkie I think 🙂

    1. runa Post author

      hehe.. yeah I guess. Butter+rice+assorted boiled veggies. Thanks for stopping by, do visit again. 🙂


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