Day 6

Oh what a day!! I am exhausted and sleepy, yet I don’t want this day to end. But tomorrow I would be doing something that I had been hoping and wishing for a while now and so I really need to turn in for the night soonish.

Well, I’ll skip the mandatory ‘waking up late’, ‘fun breakfast’ bits today and move straight onto lunchtime. The entire team got together for lunch this afternoon. We crossed the Kurilpa bridge to go to South Bank and onto the beautiful …(oh so beautiful!) State Library. There is a cafe inside the building with some seating outside. By the time everyone had settled in, the trouble started. 3 large lizards (or whatever exotic mix of reptiles they were) decided to come and join the party. These guys started prancing around the tree and under the table. One moment I was sitting down on the chair and the next minute I was on my feet. This routine continued several times during the meals. Meanwhile, a bunch of ibis’ started a karaoke session up on the Neem tree. These birds looked pretty nice, but apparently no one else thought so. These are scavenger birds and do not have a great impression on the general population. Lunch was fun with Corina regaling us with the stories of her travels in Kerala in India and some other general chit-chat.

After lunch things got busy again. The other guys got off a bit early this evening and we decided to go on a romp. Michelle had taken us on a tour on Tuesday and today we retraced the steps in the opposite direction. We took one small detour (very unintentional) to get into the QUT campus. Instead of the road near the Parliament building, we walked in through the Botanic Garden. And what do we see there….two small little stray creatures standing on their hind legs!! Staring intently at us. We decided to believe that these were stray kangaroos. I can finally get back at Francesco who has been trying to pull my leg about ‘Kangaroos-on-a-leash’. On the way to the South Bank we stopped for pictures. The settings in my camera are still borked and night time photography is a pain.

We stopped for dinner at one of the many eating joints in South Bank. We found an Italian place and were reading the menu for our order. Just when we were ready, the ‘Closed’ sign came on. We walked a little further and found another small little place. The exotica on the menu for the day’s special included quail and sardines in a tin. We ordered one of each, along with some prawns. The quail was good, but the real winner were the sardines. They tasted like the Bengali delicacy of ‘Bhapa Machh’ (i.e. Steamed fish), but without mustard. Dinner over we were back on the trail and stopped next at the Brisbane Eye, which has been fondly renamed by us as the ‘Golu’. Finally I got some nice pictures of the wheel.

We decided to catch a cab from South Bank, instead of walking back to North Quay. After waiting for a while we started walking on Montague Street. Unfortunately, some parts of it was closed for work and most of the buildings looked like dairy processing units with high walls. It was kind of lonely, so we decided to walk back towards the bridge again. Thankfully a yellow cab came by and we were soon on the way back to the hotel.

At this moment, I am very very very sleepy and had fallen asleep twice while writing this piece. Tomorrow is going to be long and tiring. But, bring it on!

p.s. Stickster was expected to stay on until tomorrow, but left today. Unfortunately, I got to know this pretty late and could not get to say goodbye.

2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Corina

    Where is Day 7 – too much happening that day ?
    I keep an eye …
    Golu: if someone is fat but cute, can you call them Golu? – what is a rolly-polly person? Now I am intrigued.
    The large lizard sitting there when we were eating are called water-dragons. I have got many roaming around in my garden. Last night it rained a bit, so my son went outside and came back with a big Tree Frog, they are magnificent creatures. I took a photo.
    Runa: this morning I saw a guy walking in the street with a badge sayin’: Geek Pride! I first read Greek Pride, read again, Geek Pride? I could not believe it. I think I am not yet quite there (wearing a badge like that) … it will be a long road :)!
    Thanks for sharing your impressions Runa. it is a delight to read!

    1. runa Post author

      Aha! water-dragons. Thanks for the pointer Corina. They looked nice, but somehow lizards scare me all the time. And yeah.. you could call a fat and cute person Golu.. provided you are close to them. 🙂
      I’ll get Day7 to 10 up as soon as possible. they are half-written here off-line.
      Btw.. why don’t you start writing too. You are such a good story-teller. I would love to know more about all the places you have visited.


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