Last night my dad called up to narrate a pretty disturbing incident. A senior lawyer colleague of his (an elderly gentleman of 80) was travelling between Kolkata and New Delhi for a case hearing, by Indigo Airlines. While boarding the flight, he managed to trip at the top of the stairs and stumbled inside the plane. A few bruises and cuts resulted due to the fall. After settling into his seat, he called for the stewardess and asked her if she could provide some First Aid. He was shocked when the stewardess replied that they did not have any facility to provide First Aid. He then asked for a band-aid. Not available was the answer. In a last attempt, he asked her if she could provide cottonwool and Dettol. Not available either. More than the cuts themselves, this conversation left him more battered.

Apparently my dad advised him to take a bus next time to Delhi.

I am not sure if this is a one-off incident or a regular thing. I sincerely hope so, as I especially like travelling by Indigo.

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  1. Anonymous

    No, I remember seeing a first-aid box in the front closet(just behind the cockpit, where you see the hostesses standing if you enter by front gate).
    I remember it clearly.


    1. runa

      No clue at all why this happened. Considering how upset the gentleman was I suspect it happened and probably it is a one-off incident. However, they don’t give cottonwool for the ears… that something I can vouch for. Everytime we need to fly Indigo, 3 days prior to the flight Sankarshan keeps repeating the words “have you packed cottonwool” like the 108 names of Krishna.

  2. Anonymous

    How about mailing the contents of this post to the airlines?

    Lets give them an opportunity to reform, if there’s a need for that.

  3. fox2mike

    The sad fact is that in India..they’ll get away with it. Even if there were regulations saying that planes should carry first-aid kits…I’m sure they can get away by not doing so.


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