Resurfacing with a tag

First up.. Wishes for a Happy Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, Bhogali Bihu and all the nice things that are being celebrated today. I was up till nearly midnight last night trying my hand at making pithe (পিঠে). Nothing fancy, just the commong “churi-pithe” (চুড়ি পিঠে) that looks similar to “samosas”, albeit flatter. Its called “Karanji” in Maharashtra. The fun bit was, I could not make the zig-zag design on them, when I tried the way I had seen my mum do it. So I had left that bit for later and went on with the stuffings. Later on, I picked one up again and this time I could do it, sort of okayish. The reason was, my mum was primarily left-handed and I am not. So I was trying to emulate what I had seen her do and failed miserably when I tried it the first time. The next time, instincts kicked in and voila! Anyways, pictures/procedures would follow soon on my recently started food-blog.

Well, things that happened since the last post include:
1. A whirlwind trip home and spending some nice time with daddy.
2. Saw the most obscenely big mall in South City, Kolkata (courtsey: ishita+surajit) and had some lovely food at Prince (courtsey: sayamindu)
3. A biker decided to dislodge the rear bumper of our car
4. Mad rush with finance management for the entire family (includes me+husband)
5. An enjoyable sprint for KDE 4.2 to complete the required bits translated
6. A potential Firefox 3.0.6/3.1 release for bn-IN
7. A one-day trip to Lonavala with ramkrsna, rakesh, kashyap. (Fultoo fun)
8. Started an itsy-bitsy terrace garden. Hopefully, by the end of the year it would grow much larger (and if those pigeons from the neighbourhood stop eating the plants)
9. Playing around with poterminology
10. Some more events, both in the personal and professional front that makes 24 hours seem just too short a time.
… can’t remember the rest. Its been a bit hectic for a while and I just decided to gift myself around 2 hours of time today, to catch up on the pending things-to-do list. (An update in the blog update was one of them)

I might have put off writing this post, if Pike had not tagged me. Ok so here goes:

The rules:

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Seven things:

  1. /me once got lost in the streets of Shillong when she was in Kindergarten (but she figured out the way to get back home.. and thankfully one parent was home to inform the other parent, who was still searching frantically.)
  2. /me secretly wished for specs since childhood. Result: stuck with a pair with complicated trappings since sometime of the end of the aforementioned childhood.
  3. /me NEVER played/plays Holi, but likes coloring pictures even now!
  4. /me does’nt know how to swim. (Although the school I went to promised that they would teach us how to)
  5. /me has never lived in a hostel
  6. /me is terrified of snakes (Even on television. I get nightmares just by the thought of them)
  7. /me detests dill leaves and has learnt atleast 3 names (in sylheti, bengali and marathi) for it, to make sure she does not eat it by mistake.

Ok and now for my shikaars!

  1. Pradeepto
  2. Ramkrsna (This would be too interesting)
  3. Barkha
  4. Santhosh
  5. Mdious (In the hope that he makes a post in his now hibernating blog)
  6. Ankita
  7. Aanjhan

Note: Folks, feel free to break the chain. Its totally up to you. 🙂

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