Happens.. but I want to focus ahead

Much has been happening over the past few days that distressed quite a few of us. The West Bengal government announced a Bengali Linux Distro called Baishakhi Linux. Thats the news. The story behind news has already been blogged by Sankarshan[1][2] and Sayamindu[1][2]. As of now, the source code is still not available. As I had twittered already..it hurt us all, but did not surprise me. A specimen below:

Moving along…sometime back I had blogged about Glossaries for Bengali Localization that I was working upon. The work done has moved to a more permanent place now: ankur.org.in/wiki/WordCollections. Content is still in the process of being added. From our past 6-7 years of experience of translating User Interface messages, one of the primary requirements that emerges for such efforts is the understanding of the contextual importance of terminology. The current focus of this effort rests on the following criteria:

  • Identification of context specific terminology
  • Application genre specific (as against specific applications) content
  • Reusability of terminology across multiple projects
  • Modular segments for ease of extension and distribution

    At this point of time, we (more hands are always welcome) are in the process of classifying the available terms (english) into appropriate sections and mapping translations. Along with Translation-filter (Kushal r0cks!!) we intend to ensure complete standardization of the bn_IN localized content.

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