Of many things and one

Long time since this page saw some activity. *sigh*. This could have been a post of many things, like:

  • How stress induced fatigue (my dad’s words not mine) caused me to sleep for nearly 36 hours at a stretch
  • The updates to the Gnome Mango system done by Olav Vitters and account system documentation done by Christian Rose has made things so easy for us translators
  • The mad rush for KDE 4.1 Translations
  • The LC Python workshop conducted by Ramkrsna at our office in Pune. Rahul Sundaram followed up with a talk on contributing opportunities in Fedora
  • Our new car
  • The huge power and water shortage that happened in Pune and messed up our daily schedules
  • The much-delayed fun trip to Mumbai and about the time spent with Barkha and her family, the ride on the deccan queen, boat ride to elephanta, visit to mahesh lunch home, getting soaked in the rain at Juhu beach, riding back to Pune in an ambassador taxi amidst pouring rain
  • My views on why overt channel admins (the pronounced green medals, not the access lists) on irc channels in some open-source projects creates unwanted hierarchical levels.
  • Mozilla 3.0.2 translation sprint. Am waiting for a few bug responses at the moment, but hopefully that should not stop the inclusion of bn-IN this time.

    But then let me talk about something thats really much more important. The other day Ani showed me the search feature on the KDE Translation Project website, that allows searching of a term/string in translated content. The setup in this case gets the content from a selected directory of the svn, runs a query for the search string and presents the output results (string and its translated version) with direct link to the source documents. A database is also involved somewhere in between the process.

    So a few of us were talking about having a similar tool that would allow us to search strings on user-defined content locations and present the strings with the search items, corresponding translated content and pointers to the source document. And so evolved Translation-Filter, by Kushal. A nifty little tool, that does just what we need. Its still being worked upon, but at the moment what you can do with it is:

  • Define a custom location with multiple .po files
  • Provide a string to search in the defined location
  • Get an output with the original english string containing the search item,corresponding translated string and the source file name
  • Provide a list of strings to search via a plain text file
  • Save search results as .html pages
  • Use the tool from the command line and a basic GUI dialog box

    The project is a part of Fedora already and Kushal has packaged it.

    At this moment the benefits look huge. Primarily it will allow us to ensure consistency of bn-IN translated content across projects (the ones using .po files at the very least). Perhaps (as Sayam thinks) very soon we can make a web-based version of it too. So right now… kushal++ 😀

  • 4 thoughts on “Of many things and one

    1. Anonymous

      Re: two replies

      The singular point about Translation-Filter is that it allows offline usage. So, one can have a persistent USB preloaded with Fedora plus the tool, the .po file checkout and a wordlist and get working anywhere. That’s a real good way to spend time at various stages of idling.

    2. santhoshtr

      Another version of translation-filter

      Here is my version of translation-filter ;). Only one line of code 🙂

      1. To search recursively in folders, and to print filename, line number, msgid and msgstr with colored fileds and highlighted search pattern:

      grep --color -nTwrC3 "give-your-search-pattern-here" . 2> /dev/null

      2 .The same with patterns given in a textfile- one pattern per line

      grep --color -nTwrC3 -f "give-your-filename-here" . 2> /dev/null

      If you don’t want to type all these stuff, save the above line to a translation-filter.sh and replace the pattern/pattern-file argument with $1 and run the shell script with those things as arguments

      Pipe it to a file if you want to save the result..

      We can consider creating a PO compendium too…

    3. runa

      Re: two replies

      http://l10n.fedoraproject.org/search –yep works. Thanks for pointing to it. Probably the output format could be customized a bit more. Personally I like the presentation format on the kde website and translation-filter is more in tune with it.

      Secondly, we wanted an offline tool independent of translation projects. We could also customize the search paths. Perhaps we could enhance the feature list and see how it goes. Thanks!


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