Gnome Mango – Some answers

I had made a post last week about the problems that quite a few of us were facing with Mango. Finally, after a lot of discussion on the gnome-i18n Mailing list, the missing bits of information came forth from Olav.

To summarize it:

For any language, not listed in the New Account Request interface on Mango, please send a mail to accounts at gnome dot org with the specifics of the case. A language can be missing from the Mango interface in any of the following cases:

  • Team co-ordinator does not have an account – it is mandatory for the team co-ordinator to have an account, to get listed on the New Account page. Since the co-ordinator has to vouch for new accounts within the team
  • A new team – Since the co-ordinator her/himself has to get an account to get listed on the page.
  • Error – Happens

    The current documentation does not mention these cases and their solutions. I would not mind lending a hand in here, if the suggested editing requires for volunteers. (Its a wiki but given the special nature of information, its best to wait for an approval.)

    However there is a small catch in all of this. The accounts at gnome dot org, queue handling also sees period of inactivity. Hence, perhaps that bit might need a little attention.

    Thanks to everyone for the clarifications and help. Also, hope everyone has a good party at GUADEC. (Maybe next year I can make it to the GUADEC+aKademy event)

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