Not much of a movie

Went to watch Sarkar Raj with Ramky and Matthew this evening.

Ho-hum! The entire plot could have been completed in half the running time of the movie. But then, someone decided to fill in the remaining time with inane dialogues. Mostly about moral resposibilities towards the people of the land and their development. Analogous incidents from the Godfather have been inserted as well (Apollonia’s death, Salvatore Tessio’s betrayal). The last 30 minutes were intriging, but lose pace somewhere 3 quarter’s down the way. And the background score was loud. The chants of “govinda, govinda” when Shankar Nagre runs through the streets of Mumbai in Sarkar I, set the pace for the impending action. In Sarkar II, they overdo the sounds and follow it up with lame conversation. The saving grace is Amitabh Bacchan, especially when he takes charge of things. Aishwarya Rai looks pretty (Ramky told me that the sunglasses she was wearing was worth 4.5 crore INR….!!) and thats about it. Avishek Bacchan ends up looking comical, while trying to be menancing. GreatBong writes a nice review here.

It might be a good idea to wait for the television premiere of this film. Meanwhile, grab a dog-eared copy of The Godfather (and read it all over again).

8 thoughts on “Not much of a movie

  1. popcorn09

    I watched it last night. Totally second your review! I loved Aishwarya’s power business dressing. Wonder where one could find such well-fitting clothes! 😉

    1. runa

      oh yeah! she looked cool in those clothes. But then, I guess she has enough money to ensure that they fit. (I am still reeling about the Rs.1 million shades..)

  2. runa

    Re: Just a thought..

    To be honest, I am extremely partial to the book – The Godfather (I) and nothing comes close to it. 🙂


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