Dhvani needs more love – in Bengali

Santhosh has been looking for volunteers to help him out with Dhvani in Bengali. You need to be fairly skilled with programming in C, a native Bengali speaker (reading, writing, comprehension and understanding of correct pronounciation skills) and of-course excited enough to work on an award-winning project. Catch hold of Santhosh and do let him know if you like to participate in the project.

1 thought on “Dhvani needs more love – in Bengali

  1. Anonymous

    two replies

    Regarding IRC channel operators, I agree. On channels where I have operator rights (+o), I never stay as an operator. I switch to operator, do whatever task is needed, then switch back to normal user mode. Aside from it being good practice to not hang out in the world in admin mode, it is mainly as you say — it striates the channel, especially when a big chunk are operators and others are not.

    About Translation-Filter, I thought Transifex did that already? I cannot pull up the site right now, but Dimitris added similar functionality to Tx. If Kushal’s new tool does more, maybe we can get it integrated with the site, too.

    http://l10n.fedoraproject.org/search (iirc)


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