Apologies to my orkut friends!

My apologies to everyone who got spam messages from my orkut account with some f00 link. I got some wierd message from a friend of mine due to which messages were sent out to everyone on my friends list as well as subscribed me to random communities in Qatar. And I was wondering since morning what was wrong with this service and why I have been receiving so many friend requests all of a sudden until PowerPork told me what it was all about. blah!

9 thoughts on “Apologies to my orkut friends!

  1. bogado


    I find this strange, usually I would assume that this were some spyware that had taken over your account. Since I saw this on fedora-planet I assume that you use fedora, that has a higher resistance to viruses and trojans.

    Have you used orkut from someone else’s computer? Maybe some friend has a bug installed in their computer and you got caught.

    It is true that orkut is now a spam nest, this days. Too bad, because here in Brazil, everyone has an orkut account. So for us it is the best social network, for this reason only.

    1. runa

      Re: Virus.

      Naah. I would say the problem happend cause I got curious. Generally I get a few spam like this on and off, but delete them diligently. However, this particular spam claimed to allow you to view locked images. I sort of tried out the dumb link to test if it worked because that would eventually compromise my hidden data as well. Realised what it was and stopped it. Did not realise the extent of the fiasco until someone told me though.

      However, yeah I’d say its pretty much a spam-nest these days. But with privacy control in place its still much safer and an easier way to catch up with irc-challenged friends.

      Note to myself: Never view orkut when half-asleep.

  2. Anonymous

    chk ur browser too

    had teh same prob a few days bk…
    do chk ur browser and stuff… i dunno if google has blocked u temp


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