Too many t3s

Ever since I was Delhi bound for, I have been encountering t3rmin4t0r lookalikes quite a few times. First at Mumbai airport, there was this guy whom I overheard speaking in fluent bengali. Now, the chances of the real t3rmin4t0r speaking bn_IN is quite remote, hence any suspicions were easily discarded. After enjoying 3 days at Delhi, sankarshan and me boarded an Air-India plane to return home. The plane was on a Varanasi-New Delhi-Mumbai route and when we boarded there were already a few passengers inside. So, we located our seats and I nearly gasped. In the row behind us, 3 guys were fast asleep. Aisle and Window were sporting the same hairstyle as you-know-who-by-now. I sat down, fastened my seat belt and turned towards sankarshan to say something. There again…across the aisle on the same row. Yet another t3rmin4t0r.

Apparently 6-7 guys (somewhere between 25-35), including all the hairy ones, were travelling together. They were saying pretty rude stuff about the air-hostesses and doing mischiefs (like not following the instructions during take off and landing etc.) to get their attention. Initially, I thought they were a group from some high-paying IT company and were returning from a holiday after blowing up some good amount of money. Overall, pretty disgusting. However, after the meals had been served and everyone was settled in, a steward comes to them with a sheet of paper and a pen. He tells them that his friend follows their music and it would be really great if all of them could autograph that piece of paper for his friend. All of them quietly sign the sheet and then for the rest of the journey things were pretty much uneventful. Neat! They are a “hindi rock band”, based in Mumbai. Not too famous I presume, but googling does help. 🙂

Tazz, unfortunately, they were not performing at Eastwind Festival, but thanks for the list

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