Lazy sunday

I woke up this morning after hearing Sankarshan speaking to someone on the phone. Turned out to be an interview for the Education project that he is working on. Cool stuff.

So we decided to try making something new for lunch today. Ended up making the very popular bengali snack called “Hing-er kochuri” – a puri stuffed with dal thats been grinded and lightly fried with asafoetida. Came out pretty well..but not as good as the shops-around-corner at kolkata. Not many recipes of it online and now looks like I used the wrong dal to make the filling. Got to correct that next time.

Post-lunch it was the usual CSI weekly re-runs that we catch. Some bits of the Bengali cinema Joi Baba Felunath that was being aired on Zee Studio as part of the “Tribute to Satyajit Ray” series. I heard another one of the Feluda movies released on Christmas Day last year. Nothing against the new bunch of actors…as a matter of fact I quite like Sabyasachi Chakroborty (the new Feluda), yet the two movies of the older series are more charming to watch.

As part of the lazy-sunday (and also due to the addition of cough to the already present cold and runny-nose), dinner is going to be hot-soup.

5 thoughts on “Lazy sunday

  1. Anonymous


    I am also big fan of Feluda. Good thing is that many books are available (or atleast was – when I was kid (<= 12)) in Gujarati.

    I found some books in English, will buy sometime after settling down at new place 😉

    1. runa

      Re: Feluda

      Try and catch the movies. I have’nt seen the new ones, but the old ones are wonderful – “Sonar Kella” and “Joy Baba Felunath”

  2. Anonymous

    Just a thought..

    They should have made a remake of Godfather II
    and you know what? Abhishek Bachchan [1] should have played both the roles ( De Niro and Pacino’s)

    It would have been terrific. Seeing Abhishek play himself and the a young Amitabh Bachchan.

    Wouldn’t that have been awesome?

    [1] It’s Abhishek not “Avishek”
    [2] I hate Ash. She looks plastic


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