LinuxChix India – Pune City meet and wiki love

We had the first Pune City Meet of LinuxChix India today. Not too many people yet it was a fun brainstorming session. Most of us seemed to agree that enriching the wiki with content targetted at both new FOSS users as well as old users with special interests would help garner support and active contributions. Minutes should be up on Monday by Ani.

While waiting for the meeting to start, I added in a few new sections on the wiki main page

1. Volunteering

This section would link to projects of special interest where members can volunteer to contribute. The current list reads as:

Kernel and LSB
Bug Squashing and Testing
Education Projects
Mentoring Programs
Mobile Devices
Programming Languages
Promotion and Outreach
FLOSS Message Promotion
LC-IN Administrative Tasks
FOSS Events

2. NewBie Corner

This section is targetted for New members – both familiar and not-familiar with FoSS. This may contain resources that will help the new members become familiar with the group’s guidelines and also tutorials (text/audio/visual) to help new-users with various FOSS applications. Perhaps I could borrow some of Kushal‘s videocasts for this section.

3. KnowledgeBase

The knowledgebase is something that I would really love to see grow. It can be a placeholder for contributions by members as well as pointer to external documents and other contents of interest. This would need categorization.

Just realised: All the above sections can also be localized!

It would be great to hear some feedback on this. Thanks 🙂

3 thoughts on “LinuxChix India – Pune City meet and wiki love

  1. Anonymous

    LinuxChix meeting in Pune

    dear friends, I am Valsa, I work for Intel and look after the Open Source Strategy for the company. I am keen on being in touch with all of you. I will be in Pune for Gnunify and wondering if there would be an opportunity for me to meet with you all and Gup Shup over a cup of Chai and Masala Dosa at Vaishali ??


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