Gnome Translation Accounts

Getting a translator account in the gnome repository was comparitively pretty easy earlier on. One had to get a nod from the Language Team coordinator and send in the request to the gnome sysadmin team along with the ssh public keys.

Currently, the new account system has moved to All very nice, until you want to get an account for translation only. The form has a drop down box at the very end that says “Translation Team”, which sadly does not have any listings that one can choose from. So that stops translation accounts being made on Mango. On the other hand the old system is in a limbo and people who had submitted requests for accounts are waiting on the tickets that were automatically generated for them. The kannada team has been seeing some trouble since the past 2-3 months. Eventually, Pramod had to send in a request for help on kannada translation submissions by other account holders.

I had sent in a mail about this to the gnome-i18n list and looks like a few others are also waiting for some feedback on this (from the Accounts team).

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