Freedom, Civility and Myopic notions

Thanks to Vid for the link of the article written by Carla Schroder in Linux Today about maintaining civil behaviour in community forums.

Freedom to be Civil

Community groups are made of people and maintaining basic human civility often takes a toll behind the sheild of meritocracy and other thematic brilliance.

Also read this post about mailng-list discussions in case you missed it in the main article.

Not only should we be conscious to not post derogatory or discriminatory content, but we should also understand and expect that some things will be offensive in different degrees, and this is part of and parcel of any community, be it on a mailing list, on a bus or in a pub

I wonder why is it so hard for some people to get that message.

On a lighter note the best line I found in Carla’s article was:

isn’t it funny how our parents get smarter as we get older.


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