If you are a girl….

….and live in India, then be ready for harassment on the streets. Period. Here’s one of the latest incidents:

It can happen to anyone, any day. Facing harassment in a bus, with the other passengers remaining mute spectators.


Well it doesnt just happen to anyone..but to everyone. I have been on Kolkata buses innumerable times. I have had encountered the following:
# Stared at
# Pawed
# Suggested Tunes hummed in my honour
# Hands fondled
# knees being intentionally *kneed”  (if lucky enough to manage a seat)
# Rude and suggestive comments being passed around for the entertainment of 2 or more of the human masculine species travelling in a group
# Being helped off or on a bus by the conductor by putting arms around my waist (needless to say help was not required)
etc etc. I am sure on can get the drift.

Anyways, I am quite happy to see that this little girl was smart enough not to break-down and went up to the traffice sergeant and filed a complaint. I was surprised though when I saw this piece of news being flashed all over the place (read multiple dailies). I found the answer in one of the bengali newspapers (cant get the link as AnandaBazar Patrika does not make its web-version available with unicode encoding. shame shame!!) So anyways, the little girl’s papa is in the police force and hence it can be assumed that it was comparitively easier for this episode to be highlighted. For every sujata, there are 50 other anonymous girls/ladies who face similar harassement but are either too scared or indifferent to their plight to actually come forward with a complaint. Personally speaking, prolly I took a stand 1 or 2 times only. It happens too many times that you are either too embarrassed to acknowledge it or get completely desensitised. Right now I am in the second category. Too numb to fight and/or bother.

News: BlankNoiseProject is having its first meeting in Kolkata.

Saturday 12th May
4 45 pm at T3- Park Street

Please be there if you would like to support Jasmeen in her mission.

3 thoughts on “If you are a girl….

  1. Anonymous

    Quite true….even I feel so awkward (am a male) when i see these all things happening, especially in the public buses of kolkata….but i guess its there almost everywhere in India…nah maybe the whole word too. and yes, after a time u become desensitized towards it.

    (btw i am the same person who posted above
    http://animeshray.blogspot.com/ )

  2. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more. Karunakar is a real dear – I did not expect him to land up wearing the LCIN tee (and I am sure he’s going to make some blushingly lame remark about laundry etc).


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