Currently blogging from BarCampPune. Nicely organised by the organisers, the last session of the day on Track 4 is going on about OSEK/VDK. I made my debut too..speaking about “Women’s Groups in Foss” which was a last minute entry. So did’nt have any slides or speech ready but was respectable enough for about 8 people to sit through :D. Attended two nice sessions by Atul Chitnis which stretched a wee bit too long.

But I really hope more non-geeky topics are made part of barcamps too.

5 thoughts on “BarCampPune

  1. Anonymous

    lol @ “nicely organised by organisers”

    Oi! Did u know Konqueror does as-you-type spell check on these kinda forms in Web pages where you type too? This is fun. I just realised (marked in red) my spell is set to US. Maybe Flock should implement this feature. Tho weird thing is I cant find the option to enable this thingy is Kwrite like it works in gedit. Help!!


  2. achitnis

    Argh, I knew I had overrun myy time slot, but it was only when people started looking faint with hunger that I realised how much. I don;t need a clock on the wall to tell me when to stop – I need a calendar! 🙂

    Pune was fun, met lots of interesting and interested people. This kind of stuff needs to happen more often!

  3. mihmo

    Hey Runa! I just added you to my friends list! 🙂 (I found your LJ from your page)

    –Máirín from RHN 🙂


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