Modified Bengali India (bn_IN) localedef file

The Bengali India localedef file contained some minor error e.g. Tuesday and tue were written as ‘মঙগলবার’ and ‘মঙগল’ instead of ‘মঙ্গলবার’ and ‘মঙ্গল’.
The file has been modified and can be obtained from here. To use this in your system one has to follow the instructions from either here or here.

Also noticed another interesting thing in FC-5 [probably appilcable to earlier versions as well]. The text displayed on the “Previous” and “Forward” button in Firstboot are obtained from the gtk+ file. Hence the discrepancy in keyboard shortcuts and translated text.

8 thoughts on “Modified Bengali India (bn_IN) localedef file

    1. Anonymous

      Whoa… what’s Blues doin in a FLOSS blog…

      Aye, you all are FC users? I cant see the bangla fonts or somethin u used… I see only boxes… guess the fonts are missing in my FC 5… But I’m getting all excited as after a while I’d be back on the brand new Ubuntu. lol!! I’m not a dev and rather lazy, so I cant really figure FC’s slow-yum deal. I wish they hadn’t crippled apt out like this. Last time when I used FC, I guess that was FC 2 or maybe 3, apt seemed to work. Tho I never had any repo set apart from freshrpms. dunno much. sorry…

      btw… I see Blues is all over the Internet… I’s trying to figure how to go to Soumyadip’s blog for updates on the dapper dance… as I saw a while back he’s a Ubuntu dev… and I got thrown to all over the place but there from Sayamindu’s blog. Ya’ll should fix the linky there.

      -madcap (

      1. Anonymous

        Re: Whoa… what’s Blues doin in a FLOSS blog…

        Aye… I did found him from the planet-india site last night… I guess it was over from IDG’s site I got that link. You know it’s funny I remember IDG from the 2 GLUG meets I attented back in Kol in 2003. I mean I didnt really know him, I remember like I remember his face. There was this fellow who was very approchable. I guess his name was Sumit Mokdar (sp?)… I guess he’s from Hyderabad or something… Do you know him? Is he still around?


        P.S. -> How does this open id thingy work again?

      2. Anonymous

        Re: Whoa… what’s Blues doin in a FLOSS blog…

        P.P.S –> The bangla fonts are working on Dapper like I can read em on ur page… I guess the defult FC didnt install the necessary fonts/… Why did Dapper do it then? It’s all weird if ya ask me.


  1. Anonymous

    isn’t it funny how our parents get smarter as we get older.

    well i guess that says it alll…. nways that was a nice point

    hmmmm….and i see that there is no other way for me to post a comment other than anonymous (i dont have a livejournal, am on blogger)
    nways…i am this..


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