Youth For Equality

Last night I received an sms urging me to voice my opinion and send my vote against the proposed caste-based reservation in the medical colleges. I am personally very much against reservation in educational institutions, especially medical institutions. Rather if at all it should be based upon financial conditions of prospective candidates who have proved themselves meritorious in the entrance examinations. Casing point this news.

The current situation brings back shuddering images of young students setting themselves on fire during the agitation against the Mandal Commission proposals in the early ’90s. The currently agitating students who have come together all over the country under the ‘Youth For Equality’ banner are voicing their views on the web: Youth For Equality. I hope this movement grows much larger to represent the voices of the Indian youth, not just against Reservations but many more issues.

8 thoughts on “Youth For Equality

  1. Anonymous

    youth for equality

    I am totally against this quota for sc/st/obc. If at all their is a need for reservation it is for economically weaker sections.
    The politicians who favour reservations need to do a bit of experiment:
    Let them have a hospital exclusively for themselves totally managed and operated by quota doctors. They and their families will compulsorily have to get their treatment in this hospital and no where else in the country. They will not be allowed to go abroad/import doctors for consultation. If after two years they still favour reservations then it can be considered,

    secondly, let there be 50% reservation in the parliament, for all: president vice president, pm ,ministers all .

    Once they realize the stupidity of their plans will they shutup.

  2. Anonymous

    waste of money

    in my village one reserved candidate got medical seat in AP medical college.he studied the course for 8 years with free hostel and with allowances(atgovt. expenditure).after finishing the course with lacs of rupees, he ended up doing farming.what a waste on one this regard i want to tell the blody politisions ,let them open reserved schools as comparison with other private schools and let them compete in entrance examinations for all courses.we the indians should produce quality engineers n doctors not a laugfhing stock for the sake of their votes.

  3. Anonymous


    I am not completely against reservation. After all the quota doctors are the only means to a healthy existence for the ordinary and the rural indians. OK, Maybe they do not know how to cure diseases but sometimes for the poor the fact that they went to the doctor who said something comforting or maybe prescribed something saying that it should heal whatever problem the poor soul was facing might be comforting enough.
    The Stellar passouts spend the rest of their lives demostrating their skills abroad or for such high fees that the commoners find them hard to afford. As it is, with everything commercialized no Bidhan Roys or Agnishwar’s are produced these days. The ‘meritorious future of tomorrow’ know money and love money and patronize any diagnostic centre more than any ETHICS. Today when I see them voicing for equality just to get reservation abolished, i wonder how many of them would even marry outside their communities unless too aged to marry or divorced or scandalized. YOUTH FOR EQUALITY – bloody bunch of confused and selfish HIPPOCRITES.
    Having said that what difference does it make. Education won’t be a cheap affair for long. Only the deep pockets shall be able to afford it. Sometimes we shall hear about the generous scholarships that LAXMI MITTAL’s might be throwing to give merit a boost which is actually more of a boost to his own name than to merit.
    BTW that mandal commission incident was a kid that was put on fire. The kid was either stupid to have done someone else’s bidding to give the protests some kind of impetus or maybe he was murdered and then made a martyr for the cause. Kids don’t understand the significance of Reservations.
    Having a stand is alright but having a biased stand with a pen in your hand and short sight can be potentially dangerous. I like your page very much otherwise and i just hope that i don’t anger you enough to stop writing the journals.

    1. runa

      Re: DISAGREE

      Actually I dont completely disagree with your stand. Let me put my thoughts together.

      First up, I like the idea of people joining in and voicing their stands.. the keyword here is *voicing*. Hence I would say that whatever body they have loosely formed together calling it YFE, it might act as a springboard for something bigger. [Remember the Gaurav Sabnis+blogworld vs IIPM showdown, atleast it made people aware of a few things]. Perhaps a recognised channel of citizens’ option. Perhaps at this moment a significant number of the protestors are joining in as it has mass appeal. There are times when one feels that way.., but I have crossed that age and the blood boiling urgency is being replaced by cynical judgements.

      Secondly, I really dont support the way the med students have stopped work. There are people we love a lot and cant help being scared for them, their health. And if God forbid I do have to face such a situation I can imagine how helpless I would feel with no doctors or medical facilities.

      Thirdly, it is somewhat ironic that none of these students and their patrons came out protesting when the Constitutional amendments were made in Dec 2005.

      Fourthly, the scenario of caste based reservation is somewhat like the much discussed women’s reservation bill. Initially I, like many other of my peers were dead against such *special* treatment, as it made us look weak and discounted our credibility of being equal to our male compatriots. It took me a while to realise the fact that there are places where women leaders would be the best people to help the other women. Especially in places where women dont have the courage or mental framework to stand up for their rights.

      The present issue should also be thought over with more concern. Caste **and** economic conditions alongwith merit[another keyword] should be taken into account and the addimission process should involve more than just a presentation of a caste-certificate. General candidates can not be assumed to be naturally economically comfortable.

  4. Anonymous


    That was a very nice article, got me started on using Hindi and Marathi on my computer in no time at all. Indic language support in these distributions is quite mature, isn’t it? I’m a huge fan of itrans in particular.


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