Its been quite sometime since Daler Mehndi “tara tara bolo”-ed and danced his way into a new phase in Indian music industry. That of bhanghra-pop and ever since that day new voices have not stopped surfacing. These days even my uncle can tell Daler Mehndi from Hans Raj Hans. Well, what bothered me was that bhangra-pop [I hope thats not a politically incorrect term] has not dipped in popularity even once and by the looks of it, no one seems to be bored. Every other hindi movie song has one punjabi number. Well, I have nothing against bhangra-pop especially since the singers are gifted with extremely sonorous voices compared to what all sells as indipop gaga. But having seen a nice long steady run Murphy’s Law was expected to strike eventually. Well, I found out one reason atleast. Gyms!!!!Fitness Freaks!!!. Thats what. Gyms’ need peppy music to play at all times. And what better than the rhythmic drum-beats of punjabi pop-songs. These days I am ready to give up on those killing leg-curls unless Shamur doesnt serenade for me. awwww.

Anyways, several invitations later I finally decided to see for myself what orkut was. Well…its an online networking community where you can link up with your acquaintances, friends, neighbour’s second cousin et al through your contacts and there on. I personally found it invasive. Assuming that one would not know *all* the contacts of their own contacts, a person is one person away from a stranger. After searching for options which I could be using to modify contact viewership and messaging privileges and failing, I decided to put in minimal information on my profile. One can say that contacts can be added only upon consent. But what about their contacts? Imho, given news like this safety should be of prime concern. In case any such conducive security feature has been overlooked by me, kindly please do point them out to me.

Ending on a lighter note with this news. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous


    Well, on orkut one think you will face is every other guy wanting to ‘do frainsip’ with you! You can actually put up a remark on your ‘about me’ lines shooing off such pests, like ‘If you don’t know me don’t scrap me and don’t even think of adding me!’…

    But runab, isn’t orkut very similar to real life where your acquaintances will know other people you don’t know? well, if you want privacy keeping a snapless profile with minimal info is a good idea!

    I think the best thing about orkut is it helps me keep in touch with far away friends and it is more fun than emailing! 🙂



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