This morning I received a warning message from a friend saying “do not open an attachment from some named ##### as the attachement is a harddrive eater (munch munch) blah blah blah”….. I told him that my system wil not be affected by these viruses as I am using a Linux box and most of these viruses are written to affect Microsoft operating systems and their filesystems. So the obvious question comes up next: are’nt there any viruses to affect Linux? Well.. there are a handful but their affect is fairly easy to resist and one of the basic reasons is due to the user-level permission restrictions which do not allow all users to perform every action. To get a very simple perspective on these issues one could read this link and an older link here. More here too.

Before anyone starts flaming me.. let me state that these links are mainly for people like my aforementioned friend who might just want to move to a Linux distro after reading this.

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