This happened when I was 7. One evening my daddy went out for his normal evening walk. After sometime some unknown people called in our home and told my mum that daddy had collapsed on the street and that they brought him with them in a cab. My mum was alone with me. We got in the cab where daddy was gasping for breath and took him to Nazareth hopsital near our home in Shillong. He had suffered a heart attack and after a harrowing 15 days for everyone he returned home. Thanks to the people on the streets that my daddy got medical attention that day.

This story appeared in today’s paper. A similar incident happened couple of months back, but I dont have the link for it. Kolkata has always been a city were people are more involved and reach out to others unlike Mumbai or Delhi. For this reason, this particular incidence stood out very starkly and is completely uncharacteristic of the city.

Thanks to the kind passers-by that day 20 years back my daddy survived. Till date he has an ischemic heart condition but he is very particular about his medical routine.

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  1. Anonymous

    Mumbai reaches out too, Runa. I have seen several instances… and then there are always exceptions everywhere. But there are always 5 extra people to help when one looks the other way.
    And now finally see what you look like!



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