This is an interesting thing that Bhaskar has pointed out to me today. Aparently, the BBC Bengali Website uses some wierd font+encoding combination in which the Darhi or the period sign is mapped to a currently blank Unicode point – U+09FB.

[click on image for a bigger view]

The boxed representation of the incorrect code point is shown in red in the above picture.

[click on image for a bigger view]

If one looks at the above picture closely the line is red represents an empty slot at U09FB in the current Unicode chart.

In case you are missing the point, fonts that follow the Unicode encoding should be in tune with the Unicode approved codepoints for each separate alphabet in a language. In case fonts are not compliant with the Unicode standards, the output of usage of such fonts will vary in systems that do use Unicode fonts. And when some new alphabet is assigned to the codepoint that is being misused, then the fonts would break as it would have a conflict in actual representation in the font and Unicode assigned point.

Currently, the darhi, double darhi and nukta signs are borrowed from the devnagari charts at U+0964, U+0965 and U+093C in quite a few languages.

Curiously, Ekushey seems to have developed a set of fonts that use this codepoint for the darhi sign.

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  1. Anonymous

    Title was very good it is absolutly match for the problem

    process was described step by step in the link (More Info).But it still complicated process when comparing with Gnome,Fedora.

    By getting CVS account we can create another Title ):


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