Ok… so this is a guy that I have really started liking. Rajeev Masand-the CNN-IBN movie critic. I was watching this show called “Now Showing” sometime during the weekend and on this particular episode after a particularly hilarious no-words-minced review of some new flick called “Umar” he lists out some of the really really yucky hindi movies that went on to become blockbuster hits. The list with additional viewer comments is here. I just loved to see Devdas and Raja Hindustani on the list. The first one is probably the most inappropriate cinematic representation of the real story. When one reads the story (especially in Bengali) the last thing that you would feel about the protagonist is “sympathy”. He is a frustrating, indecisive, spineless, escapist loser. Glorifying this character was undeserving. And of course.. please dont get me started about the “middle class bengali life style”…puuuuhleeeese. Its as much close to the real thing as a baskin robbin’s very-berry-strawberry ice-cream is to a hair-pin. And about the second movie…..hmmm now let me see. Naah…

I got a query from the hubby about the title of the blog. More precisely it was something like.. “you want people to hold open doors for you…were’t you like rabidly against that sort of things!!!!” Well.. i still am. I did not give too much thought while setting the title, but perhaps it did represent my intention when i started this new journal. Firstly, this is aimed mostly for my rantings and impressions about events related to the FLOSS world. Especially from my area of work i.e. l10n and the interactions within the community. Interactions of different shades….newbie and oldhat, women in FLOSS, work process effectiveness, policy discussions etc. For me “glass” implies a barrier to an obvious fact that is visible but not achievable. Hence “open the glass door” and reach for it. My other blog is called Through Myopic Eyes. Its a simple title and if you see my picture you’d know why 😀

Jottings start soon.

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